Since desperate times call for desperate measures, here I am officially creating an online outlet that will serve as the repository of memories–good and bad–in law school.

Hello, I am theloststudent*, a freshman sophomore junior (!) senior (!!!1) in the best law school in PH.

All posts in this journal, as a general rule, would be open to the public; hence, to protect myself and the people I shall talk about, there would be no name-dropping of several proper nouns, especially names of professors and courses. At most, initials and course codes shall be provided.

Any questions may be coursed through theloststudent.lj at gmail dot com.

Welcome aboard!

* Credits to my Y for the username idea


In law school, the challenge level always goes up a notch every semester–at least the block can attest to this. We thought we’ve gone through the worst of days. In a way, that is correct: We went through the worst, so far. But instead of backing down, we’d rather use the strength we have gathered from the past years and months to face the next boss levels.

However, this semester, I learned that in order to win the war, sometimes, one has to lose some battles–not on purpose, of course, but one has to recognize personal limits in light of the surrounding circumstances.

A day before the dropping deadline, a professor of ours released our midterm grades. I could not believe my eyes when I found my ID number at the bottom of the page. Is this for real? I asked the secretary if there was any mistake, because you see, I am the last person in our block when arranged alphabetically, so something might have gone wrong with the arrangement of the grades, right? It took me a while to comprehend that this was actually happening. I would not have fretted so much if my score was decent, but this was unfortunately not the case. I failed, and I boy did I fail and fall hard.

At first, I wasn’t so keen on dropping the subject. For the longest time, I was part of the last few in our block who are religiously following the law curriculum–no subjects dropped nor failed. This was a success on its own–all grades 3 and above–lack of high grades be damned. Dropping would mean a change in the schedule (although not to the point that graduation would be delayed), and more importantly, it is a big thing for me. For a person who has never failed nor dropped a subject in her entire academic life, this would make a dent.

What made me consider to finally make The Choice was the thought that I’d rather drop now than actually fail the course later. Call it paranoia or what, but I’d rather have a clean slate and better grade because I’m back with a vengeance. Or something. And there were other reasons, but this was the primary mover.

Because of The Choice I made, I was able to focus on the other subjects, and I also regained extra time to rest. I think it did me well.

The semester is almost officially over–and by that, I mean I am awaiting the release of one last grade. And in a few months’ time, law school will also be over. Yeeeap.

There are nights that seem to just stretch into infinity, and tonight is one of them.

Ironically, the semester flew by just like that. And I don’t have any record of how it has been.

Anyway, back to regular programming.

It’s been months since I last revisited this problem. At that time, I was in a state of utter confusion brought about by hardship that I felt was not rewarded. Since then, I guess I have become used to the pains of law school and I’d like to think I have adjusted.

My brother’s attitude problem towards school (and life in general, I hope not) made me think of my own place in this life map. I’m pretty sure I haven’t got everything together–at least not yet–but I’m glad that I still have a positive outlook, though tempered by reality from time to time.

Meanwhile, life is happening.

You have to simply love writing, and you have to remind yourself often that you love it. – Susan Orlean

The timing is impeccable. I’ve been itching to write for a long time now, but alas, I am reduced to making case digests and presenting a reportage of my otherwise mundane life.